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Moriri oa likhaolo tsa 10A ke eng?

Moriri oa likhaolo tsa 10A ke eng?

10A grade hair is the highest grade of virgin human hair in the industry. Have you ever bought virgin human hair and it only lasted a few months to several months? Well, guess what?! You were sold below 10A grade hair! Now, for someone that changes styles pretty frequently or just needs a certain style for a special occasion, this may not be such a bad investment. But, to most that put their hard earned money towards a purchase of virgin hair that was sold as "the best" and "long lasting", this can be disappointing. But don't worry! Here's some inside info on 10A grade hair and why it's so popular...

I'll start with what you don't want to hear. There is low grade, mid grade and high grade hair and it is also graded as remy, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A and 10A. The suppliers that regulate virgin human hair grades may not always tell the truth about the actual quality of the hair. Some suppliers 10A may be another's 6A. Also, some companies that sell virgin hair purposely buy the lower grade hair at a lower cost and sell to you as higher grade hair, but the price is unbelievable, so you buy it! The problem is that within a few months it has shedded horribly, become brittle or has lost its luster amongst other problems. This is why we at Soie Hair Extensions have focused on the LONGEVITY and the PROCESS of our virgin hair to determine the actual grade.

Now that the ugly truth is out of the way, here are some reasons that 10A (highest grade hair) is the best:

- Non-chemical process. Some hair is chemically processed to alter curl patterns, etc. (This does not include blonde virgin human hair)

- Full bundles from top to bottom. Look for skimpy ends. This may mean that too many donor's hair were used to make the bundle or scrap hair was used.

- Moriri oa batho ba 100%. No synthetic or any other blends.

- Double-wefted tracks. Some hair comes on single-wefted tracks and that increases shedding.

- 1-2 donors. You have the best quality and consistency with the least amount of donor's hair per bundle.

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